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3 Delicious Peruvian Appetizers

Tiraditos are Peru’s version of Japanese Sashimi
Three Delicious Peruvian Appetizers
When families in Peru sit down to enjoy a meal, they will likely make it a three-course affair that begins with delicious appetizers. Here are three traditional Peruvian food appetizers that should not be missed.TiraditoThis is the starter version of a ceviche; however, it focuses on one type of seafood instead of a variety. Tuna tiradito is a staple of coastal Peruvian cuisine; it features ahi (yellow fin) tuna marinated in a special sauce mixed with rice sake and yellow hot peppers. This is not an overly spicy dish, and it can be paired with white wine.

Pan Seared ScallopsThe Japanese influence of Peruvian coastal cuisine can be thoroughly tasted in this appetizer, which consists of freshly caught scallops seared over a high flame and accompanied with a corn and pepper salad and even toasted nori. This dish is slightly spicier and thus is better paired with ice-cold Peruvian beer such as Cusqueña, a pale lager that never disappoints.
empanada de mariscoEmpanadasThis is another food staple that highlights the diversity of Peruvian flavors. Empanadas are essentially savory rolls made with corn or wheat flour; they comprise a great variety of recipes across Latin America and the Caribbean, and they are inspired by indigenous cuisine. In the case of Peruvian empanadas, the dough is rolled to spicy perfection and can be filled with beef tenderloin, spicy chicken breast, or mushrooms mixed with spinach. While this dish can be served as an appetizer, some people like it so much that they make it an entire meal. Empanadas can be quite addictive, particularly when they are pared with a spicy dipping sauce and Cusqueña beer. In Peru, plates of empanadas are often served at home when a football match plays on television.

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