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3 Peruvian Standout Dishes


Peru has been a real culinary melting pot for centuries. African, European, and East Asian and local techniques have come together to make a unique menu of spicy, meaty dishes. Peruvian food makes heavy use of meat, fish, corn, and beans.


No introduction to Peruvian cuisine is complete without this staple of the Peruvian diet. Other countries have their version of this cold fish dish, but the Peruvian version is the one to try. The Peruvian recipe includes five ingredients: sea bass (corvina), onion, salt, and hot chiles (aji). Marinate the fish in lime juice for a few minutes, add those toppings, and serve with the traditional sides of boiled corn (choclo), and sweet potato (camote). Chefs usually sprinkle some dry-roasted corn kernels on fish and sides to give the dish a little crunch. Many other national variations of the dish have developed over the years, but this is the version a Peruvian restaurant is most likely to serve.

Lomo Saltado:

This is a Peruvian take on Chinese stir-fried beef. Strips of beef (sometimes alpaca meat) marinated in soy are mixed with chilis, onions, tomatoes, and other spices. The ingredients are cooked until a gravy forms, then served with rice and french fries. This dish is second only to ceviche in popularity. A hot red chili a bit larger than a plum,


Lomo Saltado

Rocoto Relleno:

Spicy stuffed aji rocoto peppers are probably much less famous outside Peru, but they are still popular in the country. Preparation is relatively simple. Red chili peppers are stuffed with a mix of beef, onions, garlic, olives, raisins, and a mix of herbs and spices. The whole thing gets topped with queso fresco then cooked in a sauce made of egg and milk. This a spicy dish compared with the stuffed green peppers popular in the United States. The cooking process and the fillings temper the heat from the intense peppers after the initial rush of heat.

La Costanera Restaurant offers a range of familiar and exotic Peruvian dishes, including appetizers and deserts.

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