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4 Peruvian Foods You Need In Your Life

Pescado a lo macho

An inquisitive diner who is not familiar with any other Peruvian food outside of the potato — yes, they come from Peru – should get ready to expand their horizons with these four amazing dishes.

The first of these maravilloso Peruvian flavors is cebiche. If it sounds familiar, it is a relative of ceviche which is raw fish “cooked” in lime juice. In Peruvian dishes, the raw fish is cooked in a sauce called tiger’s milk, which is lime juice and aji rocoto, a pepper that looks like a mini version of a sweet red bell pepper. But don’t be fooled: the aji rocoto is lively and can be hot.

The diner can enjoy Ahi tuna cebiche served with such tasties as fried wonton or seaweed salad. The Ahi tuna, or the yellowfin tuna is a big fish that swims off the seas of Peru. Its flesh served in a cebiche or other meal is meltingly sweet, and it’s also popular as sashimi and sushi. Any other catch of the day can be served cebiche style and tossed with mussels, calamari and a type of shrimp called a camarone.

Lomo Saltado
This is sliced beef tenderloin, stir fried with onions, tomatoes and soy sauce with a side of French fries. It can also be had with a tasty fried egg.

Lomo Saltado, A Classic Peruvian Dish


Tuna Tartare
This is a variation on cebiche. This time the Ahi tuna is marinated in Chinese-Peruvian sauce. This is fiery sauce made from Chinese soy sauce, ginger and Peruvian hot peppers. Tuna tartare is served with a slices of fresh avocado, a seven minute boiled egg and yucca chips.

Pescado a lo Macho
In this, one of the most scrumptious of the Peruvian dishes, the diner enjoys what fish is in season roasted over seafood stew in a mouthwatering sauce of rocoto peppers and paprika. It’s served over fragrant mounds of coconut rice.

Where Can You Get This?
All of these spectacular meals can be had at La Costanera Restaurant, found on California’s stunning Montara Beach. Come and enjoy not only these meals served by this premier Peruvian restaurant but enjoy the beautiful views. To make reservations, call (650) 728-1600.

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