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Anti-Aging Secrets from South America

Anti-Aging Secrets from South America

Aging is a natural process no matter where you live in the world. However, every culture deals with aging differently, and it can be helpful to learn about anti-aging tips from other parts of the world to enhance your daily regimen. For those who are looking for a new way to stay young, it is time to look to South America for anti-aging answers that actually work.

1. Pichuberry. Pichuberries grow naturally in the Andes Mountains, which means that local populations have had access to them for years. When these berries were examined, they were found to be rich in vitamins D and C. In fact, one serving of pichuberries will provide 39 percent of your needed daily dose of vitamin D. This can provide the nutrients you need for healthy skin without the skin damage of being outside. Moreover, pichuberries have shown promise as anti-inflammatories, and they can even minimize the growth of tumors.

2. Guanábana. This fruit can be found throughout South America and the Caribbean. While it is quite tasty to eat, it is also quite nutritious. With high levels of vitamins B and C, the guanábana is particularly good for healthy skin. It can also boost the immune system, helping you feel and look younger.

3. Camu camu. Everyone knows that oranges are a good source of vitamin C, but they do not compare to the camu camu. This berry contains the most vitamin C of any fruit in the world. The benefits of vitamin C are varied and well documented. The camu camu can support a healthy immune system while also boosting the appearance of the skin by fostering the production of collagen throughout the body.

4. Frog juice. While most anti-aging secrets seem to come from fruits, this one hops in a little differently. Locals in Peru use the frogs from Lake Titicaca to make a unique blended drink that is said to boost energy, enhance libido and strengthen the immune system. Many people use the frog juice to combat illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis, but it is also popular as an energy supplement for an enlivened lifestyle. As an added bonus, the frog juice is usually blended with maca root, which is rich in calcium, amino acids and iron. The end result is a powerful drink for lifelong health.

From the Amazon to the Andes, South America has plenty of anti-aging secrets to discover. To get a taste of South America right here in the United States, La Costanera Restaurant is the place to visit. This upscalePeruvian restaurant is one of the most popular eating venues in the Bay Area. For a taste of real Peruvian food, make a reservation today.

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