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Beyond Machu Picchu: Six amazing ways to see Peru

Best Time To Visit Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is Peru’s most famous destination. Set high in the mountains, this ancient city has an obvious appeal as a scenic spot and a cultural gathering point. While this mysterious city is definitely worth visiting, a trip to Peru can be so much more than a single destination. Here are six other ways to experience the best of South America.

1. A tropical adventure. In addition to the mountains, Peru is home to some of the most scenic rainforest in South America. Tourism has been developed carefully, ensuring that visitors can enjoy tropical adventures through the foliage. There are many guided tours available. This includes river cruises, which allow visitors to see the best of the rainforest without leaving the comfort of the boat.

2. A historical journey. To fully appreciate Peru’s history, trips can be planned to historical sites beyond Machu Picchu. Popular attractions include Cuzco and Nazca. In particular, Cuzco can serve as a starting point to visit many other ruins in the area. It is even possible to walk the length of the Inca Trail in its entirety.

3. A beach holiday. Much of the country overlooks the Pacific Ocean, which is why the area has been increasingly popular as a beach destination. Some beaches, such as Mancora, are great for leisure activities. Others, such as Punta Hermosa, offer more decadent amenities for those who wish to pamper themselves.

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4. A metropolitan escape. As the capital city, Lima holds its weight internationally. This bustling metropolis has all the attractions one might expect. From museums to sporting events, there is something for everyone in Lima. There is also a vibrant night scene to make a metropolitan escape an appealing option.

5. A family vacation. Since the country has so much to offer, families can mix and match destinations and activities to find the right balance. Many of the cultural attractions provide hands-on experiences, giving children the chance to weave or cook. This ensures that even the youngest travelers can be entertained on the trip.

6. A food exploration. Peruvian food is gaining international acclaim, which is why the area is noted as a food lover’s paradise. Many Peruvian dishes rely on fresh, local ingredients like the aji pepper or yucca. Therefore, when aPeruvian restaurant uses local produce, the difference is easy to taste. Coastal areas are the best for seafood, but the mountains offer unique tubers and vegetables.

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