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Celebrate Summer’s Best Flavors with Causa

Causa, bim bam boom! Summery explosion of flavors

Causa is a favorite in nearly every household in Peru. Although its key ingredient is the humble potato, causa is anything but basic. Read on to find out why this rustic side dish is a must-have at tables in nearly every home or Peruvian restaurant.

When it comes to Peruvian food staples, the potato pretty much tops the list. The classic ingredient is native to Peru, and the particular variety used is the Papa Amarilla, or yellow potato. This type of tuber manages to be simultaneously soft and grainy. The texture adapts well to causa, providing it with the creaminess called for by the popular recipe.

Causa is revered, in part, for its versatility. Of course, it is absolutely delicious, blending Peruvian flavors like lime, chili and onion. On a more practical level, it can be adapted according to the ingredients on hand or personal taste. Some cooks, for example, add tuna and/or avocado. In addition, causa is a cold dish, making it ideal for hot summer days or steamy climates. Any time you want to avoid turning on the oven on a scorching August afternoon, causa is a great bet. Another advantage is that it can be prepared without seafood or meat, making it a perfect dish for dinner parties when vegetarians are on the guest list.

If you want to try this fabulous yet practical South American side dish, be prepared for an explosion of delicious Peruvian flavors. Plenty of recipes exist online, but we suggest stopping in at your favorite Peruvian restaurant to sample an authentic version. At La Costanera Restaurant in Half Moon Bay, we offer a causa bar so guests can enjoy a variety of tasty toppings.

Peruvian food is amazing any time of year. But summer is a natural time to dip your toes in the water with this beloved chilled dish packed with Peruvian flavors.

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