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Chinese food in Peru Or Peruvian Chinese food


Peruvian Chinese Food

Peru is a land known for its own distinctive national dishes. Though traditional Peruvian cuisine plays an important role in the country’s heritage, immigrants have also played a role in the evolution of Peruvian food.

In the late 1800s, a labor shortage in Peru led to an increase in Chinese immigration. These immigrants created chifa, Chinese food that integrated elements of Peruvian cuisine. Dishes like tallarin saltado combine Chinese ingredients like stir-fried egg noodles and ginger with Peruvian ingredients like aji amarillo sauce. Other popular meals include sopa wantan and Peruvian sweet and sour chicken.

Today, thousands of chifa restaurants exist in cities like Lima. Dishes in a standard Peruvian restaurant may also include ingredients like scallions and soy sauce, reflecting the widespread influence of Chinese cooking on the nation’s cuisine.

Despite the abundance of chifas in Peru, it can be difficult to find Peruvian food with a Chinese influence outside of South America. One Peruvian restaurant in northern California, however, offers customers a taste of this mouth-watering fusion cuisine. Located in Montara Beach, La Costanera Restaurant has beautiful views of the ocean and fascinating cuisine for the palate. Enjoy dishes like arroz chaufa, a Chinese-Peruvian fried rice dish filled with pork belly and topped with aji amarillo, or sample lomo saltado, a delicious beef stir-fry flavored with soy sauce and topped with fries. To try Peruvian Chinese food for yourself, visit La Costanera Restaurant. It’s a dining experience you’ll never forget.

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