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Celebrate National Pisco Day 2016

The pisco sour cocktail is among the most iconic Peruvian drinks. Made from a South American brandy known as pisco, fresh lime juice, an egg white, and simple syrup, this tasty twist on a whiskey sour exemplifies the uniqueness of Peruvian cuisine. Pisco sour cocktails are so beloved that they even have their own national holiday in Peru, celebrated on the first Saturday of each February.

Pisco brandy was first developed by Spanish colonists in the 1500s. By producing this distilled spirit in Chile and Peru, the Spaniards were able to reduce their dependency on imported Spanish brandy. The pisco sour, however, was developed much later. An American bartender living in Lima developed the drink for his own bar. By the 1920s, the modern iteration of the drink had been developed. Pisco sour cocktails quickly found a following within elite circles; Hollywood legends such as Ava Gardner, Orson Welles, and John Wayne eagerly imbibed the drink.

Visiting a Peruvian restaurant is a great way to try an authentic Peruvian-style pisco sour. Californians should be sure to visit La Costanera Restaurant to sample the top Peruvian cuisine in the Bay Area. At La Costanera, diners can sip on traditional lime pisco sours or choose from two other delicious variations. Fans of passion fruit will love the maracuya sour, which substitutes passion fruit reduction for simple syrup. Those who are looking for a uniquely Peruvian drink should try the chicha sour. Chicha morada, a sweet drink made from purple corn, pineapple, cinnamon, and cloves, gives this cocktail its distinctive flavoring and purplish hue.

Offering stunning ocean views and mouth-watering Peruvian entrees, La Costanera Restaurant will make you feel as though you’re dining in coastal Lima. Visit La Costanera soon to indulge in a tangy pisco sour and California’s best Peruvian cuisine.

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