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Discover Peru’s Culinary Scenes

Discover Peru's Culinary Scenes

Magazines are calling Peruvian food ”food’s next big thing.” There is good reason for this. Food in Peru is unique. Although some of its components come from local inspiration and old culinary techniques, much of it has foreign influences that make it one of the most deliciously unusual fusion cuisines in the world. The best culinary scenes in Peru are in several different places.


This bustling Peruvian city is known for its many varieties of ceviche. However, tourists who want to go beyond sampling ceviche can visit small restaurants serving up both older and newer dishes. Be sure to try lomo saltado. With its foreign influences, it is a true fusion dish and one of the most notable in the country. Lima is also full of vendors pushing street carts. These are some of the best sources for sampling the true taste of Lima. Since the country is home to more than 4,000 varieties of potatoes, try as many potato dishes as possible. It is truly amazing to see and taste the fantastic Peruvian potato culinary masterpieces.

Andes Region

For travelers who want to visit the higher regions of the Andes, there are some surprising and scrumptious treats in store. Cuy and alpaca are two types of meat commonly found in the region. They both come with a variety of preparation options. Potatoes are cultivated at high altitudes, and some of the potato dishes in this region are unique.

Iquitos And The Amazon

The area surrounding the Amazon is home to unique vegetables and fruits. These are incorporated into local dishes that tourists are not likely to find in other parts of the country. While Iquitos is not on every travel itinerary, it is a must for any food tourism enthusiast. Try tacacho con cecina, which is a classic dish from the jungle areas. The dish includes spicy beef jerky and fried mashed bananas. There is also a popular rice tamale with plantain leaves that comes from this region.

Wherever tourists end up in Peru, Pisco sour is usually available. It was originally made by and named for an American who immigrated to the country. To try authentic Peruvian cuisine in the San Francisco area, visit La Costanera Restaurant. With its ambient atmosphere, high ratings and waterfront location, it is the premier Peruvian Restaurant in Montara.

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