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Don’t Skip Dessert: Flan de Quinoa is a treat

flan de quinoa
If you are in Southern California, and you have a desire to try a genuine Peruvian Restaurant that focuses on tradition, you will want to go no further than La Costanera. With roots in the true flavors of Peru, as well as a flair for modern technique, this amazing place will give you exactly what you want if you are looking for genuine Peruvian flavors.Their menu is full of great items, many of which are from ingredients grown locally. They sometimes take a modern ingredient and treat it in a traditional way, or take something directly sourced from Peru, and then twist it up with a newer technique.Their take on Peruvian food is as unique and inspiring as their beautiful beachfront location. With chicharrones, cebiches, and classic grilled anticuchos, they really present the best of what their culture has to offer.

However, you cannot visit La Costanera restaurant without trying maybe even a few of their delicious, decadent desserts. They are all worth trying, like their Chocolate Lava cake and their amazing vanilla bean panna cotta with passion fruit reduction, but one in particular is a true expression of the heart and soul of this restaurant, their Flan de Quinoa.

Quinoa fits into both halves La Costanera’s spirit. It is both an ancient grain that originated in the Andes Mountains of Peru, but it has also been repopularized in many ways in modern cuisine. The way they put it together with the creaminess of the flan, and then smother it in sweet and tart macerated apples is fantastic. The flan itself is a South American tradition as well, prepared to perfection in the La Costanera kitchen.

Their sample of Peruvian Desserts goes beyond the magical flan. The Suspiro a la Limena is an extremely refreshing classic, with Pisco foam cream and cinnamon. Their Chocolate Carlitos cake is also very delicious, especially when served with one of their fine coffees or a well-aged port.

With a good bottle of wine, their desserts might be all you need, especially if its a romantic dinner for two.

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