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Drinks In Peru: Top Beverages To Try

Peruvian Drinks

Peruvian drinks have a wide range of flavors. Some are sour, some are sweet, but they are all delicious. Visitors toPeru who sample a variety of drinks usually come home with new favorites. These are a few top picks among locals and tourists.

Chicha Morada
This non-fermented drink is made from purple corn. The corn is boiled in water with pineapple rinds and several spices. Lemon, cloves, cinnamon and sugar are commonly added to the non-alcoholic beverage. An aromatic drink, Chicha Morada has a mild but sweet flavor.

Cusqueña Beer
This premium Lager-style beer is a favorite in South America. The malty beer has been brewed in the Andes with pure spring water since the early 1900s. With a sweet and dusty aroma, the beer has a crisp feel in the mouth. It is bready with a hint of floral hops.

Pisco Sour
The name for this drink comes from pisco, which is a popular liquor in South America. It was originally made in the 1920s by an American bartender who had relocated to Peru. The Peruvian version of the drink combines pisco, sweet syrup, key lime or lemon juice, egg whites, ice and Angostura bitters. People who prefer an extra splash of sweetness may add fruit or fruit juice.

Inca Kola
Made by a British immigrant in the 1930s, this non-alcoholic soft drink has a very unique but desirable flavor mixture. The main ingredient is lemon verbena, which Peruvian people call Hierba Luisa. While it is comparable in taste to cream soda and bubblegum, the flavor is a mixture of sweet and fruity hints. Both kids and adults often enjoy this beverage with Peruvian cuisine.

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