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Five Great Hikes Around the World

Santa Cruz Trek

Hiking is excellent exercise, but it is also a fun way to explore the great outdoors. Every country around the world has spectacular trails, which can provide unparalleled access to the most distinctive natural wonders. To get started, here are the top five hiking trails around the world.



1. Israel National Trail. This hike is nothing short of epic. The full trail is more than 600 miles, passing through everything from mountains to forests. To walk the full trail, experienced hikers can spend up to 60 days. It is well worth it, however. The Israel National Trail passes through Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in addition to various historical destinations like Nazareth.


Israel national trail


2. Tour du Mont Blanc. This trail takes hikers through three countries, winding through the mountains of France, Italy and Switzerland. The trail can take anywhere from three to seven days to traverse, and this trail has convenient towns all along the way. This means it is possible to hike by day and rest in comfort at night. Despite the fact that the trail walks by Europe’s most impressive glaciers, the hike is easy enough for people of all ages.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro. This unique trail ascends to heights of 19,000 feet, making the Mount Kilimanjaro hike one of the most daunting by the numbers. However, this mountain is also one of the world’s most accessible. Although the summit is high, it is easy to reach without any technical mountaineering experience. The walk is exhilarating, and the view from the top is nothing short of stunning.

4. Bibbulmun Track. The Bibbulmun Track runs through Australia’s scenic countryside, giving hikers access to waterfalls, remote beaches, rock formations and more. The full trail is 620 miles, stretching from Kalamunda to Albany. Although the full journey can take nearly 60 days, there are also shorter sections that are accessible for novices. Many hikers enjoy the beautiful wildflowers along the trail, and there are also opportunities to see kangaroos, emus, seals and whales.

5. Santa Cruz Trek. There are many great hiking options in Peru, but the Santa Cruz Trek is by far the most popular. The journey takes hikers through the White Mountains, showcasing breathtaking views of the lush Peruvian landscape. The hike usually takes about four days, crossing a distance of 31 miles.

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