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Five Tasty Tips for Ordering Peruvian Food

Typical Peruvian Dish: Tiraditos

If you are not familiar with the rich and diverse culinary tradition of Peru, visiting a Peruvian restaurant for the first time will surely be a wonderful experience. There is a lot to know about Peruvian cuisine; here are five tips to keep in mind as you peruse the menu:

Prepare to be Surprised

The broad spectrum of Peruvian flavors originates from a mixture of many cultures; for example, “tallarines verdes” is a fusion version of linguine al pesto, but it may include nuts, spinach and pepper zest, thereby looking very similar but with a different and richer taste.

Choosing Seafood Dishes

Fresh seafood is a staple of Peruvian cuisine. The iconic ceviche is not prepared in the same way as in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean; it is like a complex seafood cocktail and is highly recommended. Not everyone likes freshly cured seafood; if this is your case, ask for tiradito options, which can be boiled or seared.

Wine and Beer Pairings

Most Peruvian seafood dishes can be paired with white wines, particularly the dry and crisp variety. The heartier dishes featuring tomato, corn or flower go better with red and noir wines. Ice-cold Cusqueña beer goes better with the spicier dishes, particularly if they are fried.


It is not unusual to accompany a good Peruvian meal with a mixed cocktail such as the iconic Pisco Sour, a beverage that is widely served across Latin America. This delicious cocktail is heartier than White Russians and can be enjoyed on its own, with appetizers or during dinner. The Pisco liquor is the main ingredients of chilcanos, which are lighter cocktails mixed with ginger beer.


Sweet pastries and chocolate surprises are virtually mandatory for Peruvians when they go out to restaurants, particularly when the weather turns cooler.

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