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Inspired, Healthy Peruvian Seafood

Inspired, Healthy Peruvian Seafood -Pescado a lo Macho

Pescado a lo Macho

Any San Francisco chef can call themselves “inspired,” but what does that really mean? In the case of chef Carlos Altamirano, his true culinary inspiration stems from a happy childhood in the bountiful La Costa coastal region of Peru where fresh seafood is caught, prepared and eaten every day of the year. When chef Carlos feels inspiration, he cooks up flavorful Peruvian seafood dishes that feature locally-caught fish and tantalizing spices that he imports from his native Peru.

International influence on Peruvian flavors

The little nation of Peru has always been very welcoming to immigrants and travelers from other lands. The typical foods enjoyed by settlers from Japan, China and other Asian countries were easily assimilated into local Peruvian cuisine while taking on the characteristic Peruvian flavors of local cuisine. The fresh fish and seafood from the La Costa coastal region were naturals, as far as newcomers from Asia were concerned. Today’s Peruvian flavor is intensely influenced by soy sauce and ginger.

A healthy, ocean-based meal

Start your Peruvian restaurant experience with a warming bowl of sopa made with California-caught shrimp, kabocha squash, Peruvian choco and fresh queso. If a chilled soup is more to your liking, sample one or more of Chef Altamirano’s fabulously fragrant, Peruvian-inspired cebiches.

Continue your epicurean journey with a little something from the causa bar. Potatoes are a Peruvian staple and our tamarillo-scented scallop causa is a favorite, even for folks who have never tried Peruvian cuisine prior to their first meal at La Costanera Restaurant. Savor the flavor of the sea when you select a generous plate of Pescado Costanera catch of the day oven-roasted to perfection along with baby portabello mushrooms, Peruvian potatoes and cau-cau sauce.

Reserve your inspired dinner table

When you’re ready to enjoy an inspired meal in a lovely location, make the short drive down the coast from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. Find La Costanera Peruvian restaurant at 8150 Cabrillo Highway. For reservations, please call (888) 530-8646.

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