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La Costanera Where the Kitchen is Worth a Thousand Words

La Costanera Where the Kitchen is Worth a Thousand Words

Peruvian flavors are becoming extremely popular. More and more restaurants are providing menus filled with this type of traditional cuisine but with a slight modern twist. The tastes of these dishes come from the combination of many cultures in the area, and reflect native heritage from across the globe.

Key Ingredients in Peruvian Food

Peruvian food is an eclectic blend of different ingredients. Peppers play an important part in many of the dishes. Chilis and yellow peppers are often mixed together so that spice and color fill the table. Starches are essential as well. Corn and potatoes are used in a number of recipes. The yellow potato has a unique texture and taste that adds interest to many dishes. Thanks to its large and dense kernels, Peruvian corn, or choclo, is the perfect accompaniment to many seafood recipes. One of the most well-known dishes from Peru is ceviche, which commonly includes raw fish cured in lemon or lime juice. Another popular dish is paella, a mixture of chicken, seafood, and rice served in a large and shallow pan.

What to Expect from a Peruvian Restaurant

When visiting a true Peruvian Restaurant, a diner should expect to taste a melting pot of flavors, which has a direct link to history. Centuries ago, various groups of immigrants from around the world landed in Peru and brought new and exciting ingredients and cooking techniques. For instance, Spanish people introduced sweet potatoes, and Japanese settlers taught how to use fresh fish. Chinese people taught how to stir-fry food and season recipes with soy sauce and ginger. Africans introduced other ethnic flavors as well. This is a true display of why this food is known as “fusion cuisine.” It takes the best elements from various cultures and blends it into one fabulous genre.

La Costanera’s Specialties

La Costanera Restaurant offers a menu filled with some of the finest Peruvian foods in the San Francisco area. Chef Carlos Altamirano uses his cooking passions to prepare recipes with unsurpassed Latin American flair. He uses authentic and fresh Peruvian ingredients to create dishes that are infused with rich tastes and textures.

The food of Peru is often considered some of the best in the world. Its diverse blend of flavors separates it from other recipes. Since it contains pieces of many cultures, the essence is impossible to capture in a menu. At La Costanera Restaurant, the kitchen is worth a thousand words.

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