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La Costanera: A Peruvian Restaurant You’ll Fall in Love With

La Costanera Restaurant

Autumn is a great time to fall in love and many are finding love begins at a table of Peruvian food. A Peruvian meal contains the perfect mix of spices, richness and beauty that lures true foodies.

Peruvian cuisine is such a mix of tastes, scents and colors that it is difficult to choose which item to try. The foods are exotic, but are also comfortable. They include techniques and traditions from Europe, Asia, Africa, India and the indigenous tribes of South America. It was fusion food before it ever came to America.

Not all Peruvian food is spicy. There are certain dishes that carry a more sweet or smokey taste that make up the range of Peruvian flavors.

A meal can begin with popular appetizers including cebiche, known as the national food of Peru. One of the most popular cebiche dishes is Cebiche Chino – Peruano. This dish is created with ahi tuna, rocoto-sweet chili, and leche de tigre with crispy wonton.

From there, you can have a choice of items that would make either excellent appetizers or meal. This includes skewered meat, empanadas, a soup or stew. A Peruvian cuisine entree can feature Adobo, a slow-braised pork shoulder with Cusqueña-aji panca, or Pescado Costanera, a wild caught roasted fish surrounded by potatoes, olives, carrots, portobello mushrooms in a Peruvian sauce.

A traditional Spanish dish is paella. Paellas can include chicken or seafood and include saffron rice with vegetables.

Dessert can come in many varieties, including classical dishes like Suspiro a la Limena. This dessert consists of Pisco foam cream, tres leches, and cinnamon. There are also selections like Alfajores, which are shortbread cookies paired with dulce de leche.

The perfect place to try an authentic Peruvian meal is La Costanera Restaurant. This Peruvian restaurant is on the outskirts of San Francisco, on Montera Beach with an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean. Great atmosphere and excellent food are two qualities always present. Let us welcome you!

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