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La Costanera Restaurant offers contemporary Peruvian cuisine overlooking breathtaking scenery. Before visiting, you are invited to take a restaurant virtual tour. This provides the opportunity to gather a sense of atmosphere and menu selection. La Costanera offers a wide range of Peruvian foods to tempt diners through all occasions.

Traditional Peruvian flavors are alive in many developing restaurants, and diners are intrigued by the variety of offerings. From classic ceviche to stir-fried beef dishes, the Peruvian menu has grabbed the attention of the world and inspired chefs to add modern twists to traditional dishes. The outcome has become recipes with rich texture and layers of flavor.

Peruvian food is known as fusion cuisine. The rich tastes are a result of various immigrants arriving in Peru. Each group brought many items from around the world that were blended to create delicious meals. To experience an explosion of flavor in the mouth, Peruvian dishes are perfect. Peppers are used to add flavor and color, and starch is popular as well. It is quite common to see potatoes and corn sitting side by side on a plate. Fresh seafood is the finishing touch.

At La Costanera, chef Charles Altamirano provides each diner with a unique Latin American food experience. He incorporates fresh ingredients directly from Peru to infuse the true taste of Latin America into all his recipes. The full bar and oceanfront views allow a customer to enjoy a Pisco Sour or other classic Peruvian cocktail in the natural setting of the California coast before sitting down to a savory meal.

There is truly a great place to appreciate fine Peruvian food. After taking a La Costanera virtual tour, you are invited to visit the Peruvian restaurant and enjoy a meal and the ambiance. It is a wonderful way to broaden culinary horizons and get a taste of an interesting culture.

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