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La Costanera Rocoto Peppers: For Pepper Lovers

Rocoto PeppersRocoto peppers are grown in Central America and South America. Their true name is capsicum pubescens, which refers to a hairy pepper. They gained their name by the fuzzy leaves unique to these plants. As they continue growing, they are also called tree chili. While they are considered shrubs, they often grow as climbing plants. As one of the oldest domesticated pepper plants, they are believed to date back about 5,000 years in Peru and Bolivia. Their appearance resembles a bell pepper, but the inside contents are much hotter. These peppers are used in many dishes, but they are best known as one of the spiciest Peruvian flavors.

There are several different ways to prepare these peppers. They are very hot, so pepper connoisseurs will appreciate them more than a person who is not too fond of hot dishes. Many people use them to make a paste, which can be added to various dishes to add heat and flavor. For food lovers who enjoy a strong spicy kick in their food, this is a good way to add a significant amount of heat to the taste. Some people chop the peppers and put them in various dishes. They are popular for several South American and Peruvian restaurant dishes that are meant to be hot. However, one of the best ways to enjoy the flavor and heat while maintaining control of how much or how little to add is to use a sauce.

At La Costanera Restaurant, dining guests have this option. Chef Carlos Altamirano is in charge of delivering fresh peppers to the restaurant, and he grows his own produce locally. La Costanera rocoto peppers are included in several dishes on the menu, but the sauce is made fresh daily for guests to add themselves. By offering guests the freshest local produce and a sauce made daily, La Costanera gives them a taste of the chef’s own garden and the freshest rocoto pepper sauce in the city

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