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Lima,Perú: A Culinary Tour

Lima,Perú: A Culinary Tour

Lima, Peru, is a thriving city that offers modern amenities with traditional charm. While you may want to visit the museums or check out the professional soccer teams, another way to appreciate everything that this city has to offer is a culinary tour.

Everyone eats during vacation, but everyone eats exceptionally well in the Peruvian capital. That is because this city is the perfect destination for food fanatics. There are countless renowned restaurants that offer the freshest ingredients with the best preparation methods. If you are considering a culinary tour of South America, here are a few key foods to try.

1. Ceviche. The Peruvian capital is a coastal city, giving local restaurants good access to a variety of fresh seafood. There are many delectable ways to enjoy seafood, but everyone should try ceviche. As a mainstay of Peruvian food, ceviche is a timeless dish that involves serving fish after an intense marination process with citrus juices. Although the seafood is never cooked over heat, the marination perfectly prepares it for consumption.

2. Papas a la huancaina. Ceviche may be the most famous dish, but nothing defines Peruvian food quite like a potato. It is almost impossible to avoid a dose of tubers with your meal, which is not a bad thing. To let potatoes take the lead, look for papas a la huancaina. This dish involves potatoes smothered in a spicy cheese sauce, which makes this meal comfort food with a kick.

3. Asparagus salad. Another popular vegetable in South America is asparagus. This summery vegetable is a good complement to many meals, but an asparagus salad is a scrumptious thing to look for on the menu at any Peruvian restaurant. The asparagus may be steamed or seared, and it may be served with other vegetables and spices.

4. Lomo saltado. Peruvian restaurants are great places to discover fusion cooking. Over time, many traditional recipes have been blended with Chinese cooking methods. One example is lomo saltado. This is a Peruvian stir fry, which features fresh vegetables and a helping of yucca. Lomo saltado is another must to try on any culinary adventure in this Peruvian city.

A culinary tour of Lima is a wonderful experience. If it is a little far for you right now, you can still taste the best of Peru at La Costanera Restaurant. This upscale Peruvian restaurant has an impressive selection of dishes with authentic Peruvian flavors, and everything is served with traditional Peruvian flair. Be sure to make dinner reservations today.

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