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Love at First Bite: Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food for American Eaters

Foodies understand why Peruvian food is love at first bite. From being visually stimulating, to the variety of spices and depth of culinary flavors, Peruvian cuisine offers everything those to love food want in a meal.

Peru has a rich history that contributes to its food culture. The area was first the home of the Incas and cooking traditions remained the same for thousands of years. The door to European methods and ingredients was opened when the Spanish came to South America.

The Spanish brought Africans with them, which added another dimension of spices like curry to Peruvian flavors. Finally, immigration from Asia added more fish, ginger, rice and new cooking techniques to Peruvian cuisine. Asian influences swept across the country and quickly integrated into the country’s food culture. In fact, cebiche is now a national treasure in the South American country.

The look of Peruvian food adds interest to the plate. It is typically colorful because of the fruits, vegetables and the aji peppers found in many recipes. South American peppers come in a rainbow of colors that create a striking presence. The range of flavors, from sweet to spicy, in various peppers add depth to the dishes.

European influences on the country’s food are easily recognizable in the richness of many dishes. Italians helped craft delectable desserts using items like cream along with Peruvian ingredients, creating masterpieces that can’t be found anywhere else. The Spanish brought chocolate and spices traded from places like India and Asia, which made recipes explode in a new direction.

To get an authentic Peruvian experience here in the United States, you can visit La Costanera Restaurant perched over the Pacific Ocean on Montara Beach outside San Francisco. At this Peruvian restaurant, you’ll find both the atmosphere and food that are true to the culture! Chef Carlos Altamirano, a native of Peru, creates dishes that leave you amazed. Come, see, taste for yourself!

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