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The Mistura Food Festival Shows Peruvian Cuisine at its Finest

The Mistura Food Festival Shows Peruvian Cuisine at its FinestThe Mistura Food Festival is an annual spectacular held in Lima, Peru. It is very apt that this popular event calls Peru home; the country is arguably the source of the finest and most innovative of Latin American cuisines. At the festival, local and international chefs highlight food specialties from all regions of the country. A gran mercado or farmers market draws in hundreds of Peruvian producers and provides an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to learn more about the foods harvested in the country’s diverse landscapes. The mercado exemplifies the mistura, mixture, of all great Peruvian foods.

Many native Latin Americans and international foodies agree that Peruvians set culinary standards toward which other chefs strive. Once you have enjoyed a serving of cebiche, the Peruvian flavors will haunt you. Your quest will be to find the next culinary treat of natural ingredients and flavors. With the emphasis on fresh seafood and vegetables, uniquely prepared and seasoned, Peruvian food is both healthy and satisfying.

In addition to fish and seafood dishes, Peruvian entrees include beef, chicken and pork dishes. Each prepared with the spices and style customary to the Peruvian locales that range from the Pacific Ocean to the heights of the Andes Mountains. Side dishes include the health benefits of camote, also known as sweet potatoes, and locally-grown yucca.

Another feature of the Mistura Food Festival is the Hall of Pisco. Here you will find many variations of the pisco sour cocktail, the traditional drink of South America’s Pacific coast.

Although adventuring to Peru for the festival may be a memorable trip, fortunately, you can relish the flavors of Latin America’s most delicious foods without leaving home at a local Peruvian restaurant. La Costanera Restaurant is located in the Bay Area and features authentic Peruvian dishes and Peruvian-trained chefs. Many of the features of Peruvian cuisine are available on the La Costanera menu for you to enjoy. Come for private dining, a special celebration or a healthy, impressive, international food experience.

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