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Peru: The Chinese Connection

Peru: The Chinese Connection

In Peru, potatoes and corn have always played an important role in nourishment. As settlers arrived, major recipes expanded and began combining flavors from four continents. Some of the most eclectic dishes have been derived from the evolution of the food from the Peruvian coast. Thanks to the location, there has always been an abundance of fresh ingredients available, which made it possible to create some of the most satisfying meals.

Back in the 19th century, Chinese immigrants arrived in Peru and worked as laborers on sugar plantations. After gaining freedom, many started small businesses, including restaurants. Food has always played a big part of Chinese culture. When blended with Peruvian cuisine, some of the finest “chifas” food was created.

Peruvian food is a mixture of various cultures. As immigrants came to the area from around the world, a fusion of flavors was born. Each group brought exciting foods and new cooking techniques. The Chinese taught how to stir-fry and season with ginger and soy. Many sweet and savory dishes became popular and were influenced by ancient Chinese culture. Today, more than 2,000 Chinese restaurants fill Peru. The recipes stem mostly from Canton, Beijing, and Shanghai.

When Chinese ingredients were mixed with fresh Peruvian foods from the shoreline, delicious dishes were created. Seafood became extremely popular and was often marinated in citrus juices and served over rice. The ideal recipe that showcases the success of blending old and new world traditions is Lomo Saltado. This is a stir-fry dish that includes marinated beef, onions, and tomatoes and is served with fried potatoes and rice.

Today, it is common to visit a Peruvian restaurant and experience a pop of flavor that brings excitement to the taste buds. Chinese-inspired recipes often line the menu. With a touch of innovation, a chef can place a modern spin on traditional recipes that have existed for centuries.

In California, Peruvian food is alive and well. La Costanera Restaurant, located in Montara, provides the culinary richness of this cuisine. Due to the fresh and authentic Peruvian ingredients in each dish, diners are treated to an amazing blend of flavors. The Asian influence is evident throughout the menu. For instance, the “Ensalada Nuovo Andina” includes mixed greens, red onion, choclo, and wonton strips. Everyone is welcome to step back in time and enjoy a unique Latin American experience. To appreciate the melting pot of cultures, this restaurant offers an abundance of fine choices.

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