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A Peru Full Of Unique Experiences

Planning And Packing For Peru

For travelers who seek a unique experience, Peru has many possibilities to offer. The country is blessed with landscapes that vary from warm pristine beaches to the high snow-capped peaks of the Andes. These are a few unique experiences in Peru that every traveler should enjoy.



Dune Buggy Rides Near Ica
If Ica is on the itinerary, travelers have the unique opportunity to take a dune buggy ride through some nearby sand dunes. Visitors who are not familiar with the area’s layout often mistake the middle of the area for a mirage as they ride through the sand dunes. With a lagoon surrounded by palm trees, the oasis area looks like it was made for a movie. Most hotels in Ica offer dune buggy rides for a fee.

Incan Festival In Cuzco
Travelers who visit this city in June during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter solstice are lucky enough to experience the Festival of the Sun. The festival takes place at an ancient fortress. It is one of the largest festivals in South America. In ancient days, the purpose of this festival was to ensure a successful year of crop harvests.

The Floating City
Since pre-Incan times, the residents of Lake Titicaca have lived on an assortment of large reed rafts, which they constantly replenish to stay afloat. Families allow travelers to stay in their homes. However, travelers should be prepared to help their host family cut reeds and do some work.

Thermal Pools Of Chivay
This city is a popular starting place for visitors to Colca Canyon, which is a destination included on every outdoor enthusiast’s itinerary. After a long day of hiking, a visit to the local thermal pools is a refreshing end to the adventure. Travelers can enjoy the picturesque mountain views while soaking their muscle aches away.

Termal Pool Chivay


These are just a few of the top examples. Another important experience in Peru is tasting the many different types of food. From ceviche to cuy, Peruvian cuisine is as unique as the country’s scenery. To try Peruvian flavors before traveling, visit La Costanera Restaurant in Montara. It is the top Peruvian restaurant in the area and specializes in authentic Peruvian food and fusion dishes with a unique twist.

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