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Peru The Gastronomy Capital Of Latin America

Peru The Gastronomy Capital Of Latin America

Lima has long been recognized for its rich history and culture. Now, the Peruvian capital is earning global recognition for its amazing cuisine as well. Various food and travel institutions have deemed it the Gastronomy Capital Of Latin America for its imaginative, complex culinary offerings. Since Bon Appetit magazine lauded the country’s cooking in 2008, the world has begun catching up in its admiration for the Peruvian flavors that earned Lima the title. If you’ve never tasted the country’s incredible food, head to your nearest Peruvian restaurant ASAP.

Its natural resources make the South American nation a perfect fit as the continent’s top foodie playground. Abundant seafood,complex herbs and chiles, fresh Amazonian fish, numerous potato varieties and other indigenous ingredients form the foundations of countless flavorful dishes. When the basics are this good, chefs are off to a running start.

Due to colonization and global trade, Peruvian flavors have been intertwined with international cuisines for centuries. The country has exchanged native ingredients and cooking techniques with countries around the world, creating culinary fusions that have stood the test of time. Diners can taste the evidence of Asian, African and other influences on the cuisine of Peru at La Costanera Restaurant in Half Moon Bay.

Our Peruvian restaurant offers ingredients ranging from quinoa to tiradito sauce, as well as classic cocktails made with the national spirit, pisco. With so many flavors and techniques from Peru and around the globe, sampling our menu is like taking a tour of the world’s cuisines.

From chifa, a cuisine melding Peruvian and Chinese cooking, to the empanadas introduced by colonial Spaniards, Latin America’s gastronomy capital reflects the blending of countless cultures. La Costanera Restaurant in Montara Beach, CA honors the rich culinary traditions that have evolved from centuries of global interaction. Stop in and see why Peruvian cooking has finally been recognized by some of the top food and travel publications and institutions.

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