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Peru: A Leading Culinary Destination

Peruvian Food

Machu Picchu may be one of the wonders of the world, but Peru is gaining international notoriety for its unique culinary scene. Because of this, the country not only has a range of delectable dishes to try, but it has a number of distinctive delicacies that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

This range of food starts with the natural produce in the area. Peruvian food is grounded in its local resources, which is why so many quintessential Peruvian flavors rely on tubers. Sweet potatoes and yucca are perhaps the most noteworthy examples of this, although all kinds of vegetables are especially common across the country. This is probably why most dishes in the country are served with a starchy side. Fried yucca is especially popular in this context. However, causa is also a well known Peruvian dish. While some might liken it to a potato salad, causa is a cold dish that is expertly layered with potatoes, eggs, tuna and more.

The country also has a strong relationship with the water. With ample coastline, fishing is very important both to the local economy and the dietary needs. Fish can be a main source of protein in a number of meals, but the best example is ceviche. Ceviche is classically Peruvian, and it is often regarded as the national dish. Part of what makes ceviche so popular is how unique it is. Ceviche is made with raw fish. However, in order to prepare the fish, it is meticulously marinated in various citrus juices. This essentially cooks the fish, giving it a tantalizing flavor that has defined Peruvian food for decades.

Another thing that makes Peruvian flavors so memorable is the blend of traditions. The country has a colorful history that includes native cultures, western explorers and settlers from the east. The best foods borrow from these various traditions, blending the styles to create something entirely new. Consider lomo saltado, for example. At first glance, lomo saltado looks like a classic Asian stir fry. However, for a Peruvian twist, classic Peruvian spices and produce are added to create a taste that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Peru may be a top culinary destination, but you can experience its succulent flavors a bit closer to home at La Costanera Restaurant. As a leading Peruvian restaurant in California, La Costanera Restaurant offers upscale dishes based on the most decadent Peruvian traditions.

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