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Peru: The world’s most exciting culinary destination

Peruvian Food for American Eaters

Peruvian cuisine has started a revolution, and this region of the world has become known as a “foodie’s paradise.” Its Inca culture has added to its appeal and has influenced many of the dishes in Peru. Peruvian food is known as a melting pot of flavors. Thanks to the area’s diverse climate and immigrant history, Peru has become known as the world’s most exciting culinary destination.

Peru’s Unique Location

This area is separated into three basic geographical zones. With its coast, jungle, and highlands, there are over 90 micro-climates. These allow for a variety of crops to grow, including corn, potatoes, peppers, rice, and quinoa. With the easy access to water from the coast, this region is known for its numerous fish dishes. Recipes often include tuna, crab, bass, and other shellfish.

Immigrants in Peru have influenced the food as well. As settlers came from Europe, China, Japan, Africa, and other parts of the world, they brought spices, foods, and new cooking techniques. This is why the area offers an abundance of culinary choices. When everything was blended together, distinct Peruvian flavors were created.

Peru’s Dining Options

When you visit this country, you are greeted by a multitude of dining options. For example, you can uncover delicious street food or eat a meal at an exclusive restaurant. In Lima, the capital, you can peruse the various “cafes,” which serve affordable meals. These are smart choices for quick lunches or cups of coffee. For larger meals, the “huariques” are restaurants that offer more extensive menus.

Beyond Food

This country is known for its food and beverages. The Pisco is one of the most popular drinks. The Pisco Sour is commonly served in the beginning of a savory meal. Wine and sweet soft drinks are usually part of the dining experience as well. In particular, Inca Kola is a local favorite. It is a yellow soda that has the flavor of bubblegum.

Discover Rich Peruvian Flavors

If you do not have the chance to travel outside the United States, you still have the opportunity to visit a Peruvian Restaurant and discover the excitement behind Peruvian dishes. For instance, La Costanera Restaurant offers a contemporary atmosphere that complements its menu, which is filled with traditional Peruvian recipes. The chef uses fresh ingredients that burst with flavor in the mouth. By the end of dinner, you will understand why Peru’s cuisine provides tantalizing appeal to people all over the globe.

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