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The Peruvian Coast Is Known For Creole Cuisine

The Peruvian Coast Is Known For Creole Cuisine

Most people can guess that Peruvian food has some foreign inspiration. As one of the world’s top fusion cuisines, Peruvian food has everything from Asian to Creole influences. Most people do not know this. However, Lima and the coastal regions of Peru are home to some of the most delicious Peruvian-Creole creations in the world.

History Of Creole Influence In Peru

Africans who were brought to the country by Spaniards several centuries ago are to thank for blessing Peruvian cuisine with a kiss of Creole boldness. The African-Spanish fusion mixed with Peruvian influences built up over the span of those centuries. Creoles are known for their strong spirits, innovation and passion for life and music. This passion is evident in their fusion cuisine along the coast. Travelers who are lucky enough to visit the region can sample the many unique dishes while enjoying fusion music that blends African beats, Latin melodies and simple instruments similar to authentic ones used in centuries past.

Peruvian Creole Dishes To Try

Creole food brings extra boldness to Peruvian-grown ingredients. Anyone visiting the Peruvian Coast should plan to spend several days for a thorough food tour. There are enough dishes to sample to fill an entire itinerary. One of the most popular dishes is called “causa,” which is a potato mash. The mash is served with a variety of chosen toppings. Creole rice with spinach, cilantro or parsley is a good choice as well. Be sure to try papa a la huancaina. Anyone who likes cheesy potatoes will love this potato dish with Andean cheese. No trip to the country is complete without sampling chicken dishes. Aji de gallina is a chicken curry that nearly all visitors enjoy. Tacu tacu, cau cau and any dishes served with plantains are also a must.

Be sure to add the Peruvian coastal region to the bucket list, and plan a food tour of the entire country someday if possible. It is still easy to try these delicious Peruvian-Creole dishes and others without even leaving the state of California. For the best Peruvian and Peruvian-Creole food in the San Francisco vicinity, visit La Costanera Restaurant in Montara. With its multiple awards and picturesque seaside location, it is the premier Peruvian restaurant in the area.

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