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Peruvian Cuisine: Diverse and Delicious!

A Taste of Peru: Pescado Costanera

Upon discovering Peruvian food for the first time, foodies and travelers alike are often astonished by the diversity of this nation’s cuisine. Peru itself is a land unparalleled in its geographic and cultural heterogenity. High in the Andes, thousands of colorful potatoes and tubers grow in abundance. Hundreds of pepper varieties, ranging from mild and sweet to flaming hot, lend distinctive piquancy to the country’s many regional specialties. Centuries of immigration from the African, Asian, and European continents have transformed indigenous Peruvian fare into an unparalleled fusion of domestic ingredients and old-world traditions. As chefs around the globe add their own special touches to classic favorites, Peruvian cuisine continues to undergo a fascinating metamorphosis.

By visiting a Peruvian restaurant and sampling a wide variety of dishes, diners can experience the culinary traditions of Peru for themselves. With a broad and exceedingly inventive menu, La Costanera Restaurant is one of the top places to enjoy gourmet Peruvian cuisine. Here, diners can sip on a traditional pisco sour cocktail, made from lime juice, egg whites, and sweetener, while munching on marinated anticucho skewers. Seafood lovers can indulge in cebiche, the spicy, citrus-marinated fish dish that epitomizes coastal Peruvian flavors. Chifa, the culinary tradition of preparing Peruvian food with Chinese methods and ingredients, is typified by dishes like braised mussels served with Thai basil, coconut curry, and chorizo. La Costanera even serves wild-caught fish with potatoes, Botija olives, and African cau cau sauce. This single dish, which combines European, African, and native Peruvian ingredients, perfectly exemplifies the mind-boggling diversity of modern Peruvian fare.

To sample these amazing dishes and more, reserve a table at La Costanera Restaurant. Peruvian food just might become your new favorite type of cuisine!

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