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Peruvian Cuisine: The Flavor Of Peru With The Style Of San Francisco

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Peruvian food is fusion cuisine by nature. When food is not discriminatory toward one country or culture’s staple ingredients, the results are delicious. San Francisco is an exciting and beautiful city that is made up of people from all walks of life, and Peruvian food is made from flavors across the globe. Since San Francisco’s culture is all about blending everything from fashion to food, it is easy to see why locals are falling and staying in love with Peruvian cuisine.

Blending Peruvian Flavors
From dishes such as lomo saltado and ceviche to ingredients such as potatoes and aji amarillo sauce, the flavors ofPeru are distinct. Many preparation methods and ingredients come from other countries. For example, some dishes include rice and stir-fried meat or eggs similar to Chinese food.

Peruvian Flavors With The Style Of San Francisco
Arroz chaufa is a Chinese-inspired Peruvian dish that has a few of the same ingredients as the original chop suey dish, which is popularly said to have originated in San Francisco in the 1860s. Roast chicken is another popular food in San Francisco. For roast chicken lovers, pollo salvaje is a good Peruvian dish to try. It is especially tasty when accompanied by yucca fries.

Another food that is iconic of San Francisco is garlic fries. Nobody prepares potatoes better than Peruvians. French fries, chilled whipped potatoes with different toppings and gratin-style potatoes are all delicious Peruvian choices. For a different taste with a similar concept, try some tasty yucca fries. Tuna tartare is yet another iconic San Francisco-style food. Try it as a Peruvian-Japanese fusion dish with delicious Nikkei sauce. Accompany it with yucca chips for a Peruvian taste, and top it off with avocado for a popular California flavor.

Visit La Costanera Restaurant For San Francisco And Peruvian Flavors
To enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine that is as unique as San Francisco, visit La Costanera Restaurant in Montara. As a top-rated Peruvian restaurant in the area, La Costanera is a great place for dinner with friends, family, clients or colleagues. With its seaside location and large windows, visitors can easily enjoy the 259 sunny days that San Francisco sees each year while eating authentic Peruvian dishes and special creations from Chef Carlos Altamirano.

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