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Peruvian Cuisine Does Not Keep Secrets

Peruvian Cuisine Does Not Keep Secrets

Have you stopped to think why Peruvian cuisine has become so popular in recent years? The secret to this recent popularity is that there are no secrets when it comes to preparing, discussing and enjoying food. The culinary tradition of Peru has a very rich history that dates back to the glorious days of the Inca Empire, but it has never been about secrecy.

In a recent episode of “Huang’s World,” a documentary travel show that is part of the trendy Viceland cable television network, show host Eddie Huang traveled to various regions of Peru on a gastronomical journey of discovery. For those who are not familiar with Eddie Huang, he is the real-life character featured in the hit ABC Family sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat.” Eddie is a charismatic character who feels at home just about anywhere in the world, particularly when there is delicious food involved.

Upon arriving in Lima, Eddie Huang set out to visit one Peruvian restaurant after the other. This is man who really loves food, and thus he was in heaven during his visit to the Peruvian capital. What Eddie discovered about Peruvian cuisine is that it incorporates a lot of human and natural diversity. The intricacy of Peruvian flavors is not the result of keeping things secret; in fact, the various cultures that have settled in this country over many centuries have shown a willingness to share culinary knowledge and practices. In other words, Peruvian dishes are not based on secret recipes; to do so would be to miss out on the true potential of fusion recipes. It would not make sense to keep a special ceviche recipe a secret; this would be contrary to the Peruvian gastronomic spirit.

At La Costanera Restaurant, a fine-dining Peruvian restaurant located in Montara Beach, you can learn about what makes Peruvian food so great. There are no secrets in La Costanera Restaurant, just great Peruvian food for you to enjoy with friends and family.

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