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Peruvian Food: Fine Dining & Fabulous Peruvian Flavors


Home to three of the fifty best restaurants in the world, Lima, Peru is among the top dining destinations on earth. Peruvian haute cuisine, however, isn’t confined to Peru alone! Whether found on the South American continent or elsewhere, Peruvian food is a constant source of sensory delight. Colorful grains and tubers captivate the visual senses. Fruity, spicy peppers like aji amarillo and aji rocoto set diners’ palates ablaze with Peruvian flavors. Mouths are sure to water at the scent of anticucho skewers sizzling on the grill. At the very best fine dining establishments, customers can expect beautifully-plated dishes, excellent service, and opulent dining rooms, too.

Whether you’re a seasoned gastronome or just a casual foodie looking to try something new, La Costanera Restaurant is guaranteed to excite you. Located in Montara, California, this exclusive Peruvian restaurant offers the best Peruvian fine dining experience in the state. Adventurous visitors may choose to sample a unique Chifa fusion dish like tuna tartare, a Chinese-Peruvian concoction featuring ahi tuna, avocado, a boiled egg and Peruvian-style yucca chips. This stylishly-served dish is as rich in flavor as it is visually stunning. Spicy and citrusy raw fish cebiche is another excellent choice for fans of fresh seafood. This iconic national dish has come to symbolize the zesty nature of authentic Peruvian cuisine.

Those who crave savory street food favorites won’t be disappointed by La Costanera’s broad assortment of marinated skewers, flaky empanadas, and mouth-watering fried chicharrones. In the evening, guests can savor tangy pisco sour cocktails while watching the sun set over the majestic Pacific Ocean.

To experience the sublimity of Peruvian fine dining without leaving the North American continent, visit La Costanera Restaurant. An unforgettable evening awaits you.

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