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Peruvian Food is a language that’s got no words

Peruvian Food is a language that's got no words

Great cuisine speaks volumes, and Peruvian food is certainly no exception. Its complexity and full-bodied flavor reflect centuries of international influences and amazing local ingredients. Its nutritious dishes seem especially relevant at a time when the world has become so much smaller and food is more important in our lives than ever before.

Today’s Peruvian flavors are, in part, the result of early and more recent immigration. As people migrated from Italy, Japan, Germany and other parts of the world, they brought new culinary techniques and ingredients with them. Over the years, cooks in Peru incorporated these new cooking skills and food staples into their native cuisine.

If you’re lucky enough to have dined at a good Peruvian restaurant, either in Peru or elsewhere, you’ve probably enjoyed classic dishes like causa, ceviche and empanadas. If so, Peruvian flavors have most likely spoken to you with their seductive blend of rustic and exotic ingredients. As with other great world cuisines, Peruvian food manages to comfort and surprise at once. This feat is accomplished through its often unexpected flavor and textural combinations of varied ingredients like spicy peppers, succulent seafood and starchy potatoes.

The chef at La Costanera Restaurant in Montara Beach, CA exemplifies the innovation and openness to new influences that forms the basis of Peruvian food. Born in Peru, Chef Carlos Altamirano relishes the opportunity to communicate with guests through his craft. From enhancing the classic steakhouse Caesar salad dressing with aji amarillos, or Peruvian yellow peppers, to offering a trio of ceviche varieties in his cebiche tasting, Chef Carlos brings the world to guests’ tables with every exciting, creative dish.

Come and visit our Half Moon Bay Peruvian restaurant to experience an explosion of Peruvian flavors in our starters, entrees, desserts and cocktails. At La Costanera Restaurant, our chef’s creations will speak to you in the unique language that can only be found in the food of the South American country that’s home to a world of flavors.

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