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Peruvian food: Potatoes, Potatoes and More Potatoes

Peruvian food: Potatoes, Potatoes and More Potatoes

Over 3,800 varieties of potatoes grow in the rich soils of Peru, including the papa amarilla, grown nowhere else in the world. Having access to this abundant variety of tubers means that the native dishes features lots of spuds cooked in unique ways. Combined with fish from the rivers, native chili’s and exotic fruits, Peruvian potato dishes are some of the tastiest in the world.

Papas a la Huancaina is one of the most well-known dishes in Peru. Boiled potato rounds served over lettuce leaves with a special sauce of chili’s, oil, feta cheese, garlic and lime juice and garnished with olives and boiled eggs is a popular way to enjoy the bounty of the country.

Papa a la huancaina

Try some Causa while you visit the Andes or in one of the local Peruvian restaurants. This casserole-type dish can be served in so many ways, but the heart of the dish is a mixture of mashed yellow tubers, oil, aji amarillo sauce, and lime. On top of this is a layer of tuna, mayo, olives and avocado. Keep layering until you are satisfied and then serve it cold. Delicious!


Peruvian food is bold and big in flavors. Soups, stews and main dishes in the culture are filled with sauces heated up with chilis and limes, beefed-up with starches from spuds and corn, and then fired up with spices. Don’t be afraid to venture out and try the unique Peruvian flavors in dishes like Potatoes with Ocopa Sauce or Papa Con Mani made with peanuts.

You can explore the fiery chili’s, crisp onions, and sweet fruits along with beef, alpaca, chicken and fish when you visit places like La Costanera Restaurant. Try ceviche, Carapulcra Chinchana and other dishes full of Peruvian flavorsPeruvian cuisine with it’s thick, heavy sauces, starchy ingredients and fresh fish is a contrast in citrus and heat, heavy and light and healthy deliciousness.

At La Costanera Restaurant your family can sample octopus with potato puree and chimichurri or slow-braised pork roast in aji panca, potato gratin and water cress.

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