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Peruvian Fruits You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


There are some unusual fruits in Peru unknown to most people and they create a festive combination in recipes unlike any other. Here are four of the most popular fruits used in Peruvian food.

This superfruit is similar to acai, but better. It is actually a fruit from a palm tree, the Moriche palm. The fruit is native to the Peruvian Amazon and is as unusual as it is delicious. It is about the size of an egg and its covering is purple scales. The fruit inside is bright yellow and is rich in things like vitamins A and C, as well as good fatty acids.

The rich flesh of aquaje is used in things like ice cream, jams and desserts.

One key fruit enhancing Peruvian flavors is lucuma. The texture is pasty, but the flavor is something everyone loves. It is similar to a pumpkin or a caramel custard. It grows only in the mountains and is used in cakes, yogurt and pasta noodles.

Camu Camu
This small red berry looks like a cherry, but adds much more dimension to Peruvian food. The flavor is a blend of cherry, grapefruit and lime, plus it rocks the scales in the amount of Vitamin C it contains. These are the reasons it is used so much in juices, desserts, sauces and even in natural medicines.

This is elderberry in other places, but sauco is a native fruit to the Andes. It is a fruit used in sauces for meats like lamb and in marmalades. It is also used in cheesecake.

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