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Pisco: The Nectar of the Peruvian Gods

Delicious Pisco Sour Cocktails

Arriving in Peru in the 1500s, Spanish settlers immediately sought to recreate their favorite Spanish liquor, orujo. What resulted was pisco, a distilled, high-proof brandy made from fermented grape juice. Sometimes compared to Italian grappa and Mexican tequila, Peruvian pisco has a light and fiery flavor all its own, making it the perfect base for a variety of cocktails and specialty drinks.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, no drink is more quintessentially Peruvian than the pisco sour. This Peruvian specialty is composed of pisco brandy, lime juice, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and an egg white. Though the beverage is the national drink of both Chile and Peru, the two nations actually produce distinct forms of pisco and use different recipes for their versions of the iconic cocktail. Though the nations both claim the drink as their own, it is generally accepted that the original version of the cocktail was developed by an American bartender in Lima during the 1920s. Cultural icons of the 20th century, ranging from Ava Gardner to Ernest Hemingway, often declared their love for this refreshingly smooth Peruvian drink.

Situated in scenic Montara Beach, California, La Costanera Restaurant is known across the nation for its world-class Peruvian fare. Order the restaurant’s pisco flight to sample four versions of this fruity, aromatic brandy or opt for a tropical pineapple-lemon pisco punch. Try a chilcano, a pisco drink topped with tangy orange bitters and refreshing ginger beer, or savor an aromatic passion fruit pisco sour. Pair your drink with cebiche, the citrus-cured fish entrée that best represents coastal Peruvian cuisine, or choose from a variety of other culinary delights, such as crispy empanadas, tender anticucho skewers, or creamy Peruvian-style macaroni and cheese.

With its impressive cocktail bar, tantalizing dinner menu, and awe-inspiring ocean views, La Costanera Restaurant is the ideal locale for savoring the region’s best South American cuisine. Visit soon to enjoy an exceptional evening packed with Peruvian food and fun.

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