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Peruvian Gastronomy

The cuisine of Peru is the result of a fusion between millennia-old indigenous foods and the influence of Spanish, Asian and African immigrants. This influence led to popular dishes such as empanadas, meat-filled hand pies, brought by the Spanish conquistadores during the colonial period that are popular and readily available in Peru today. There are also many other staples of Peruvian cuisine that are found throughout the Latin American world, such as chicharrones, ceviche, tamales and arroz con leche.
Rich in traditional, native staples such as potatoes, corn, chili peppers and beans, Peruvian food has a regional aspect as well, with certain specialties found in coastal cities, the high Andean plateau and the Amazonian basin, with each region basing its cuisine on foods available locally. Coastal dishes are characterized by fresh seafood, with dishes like ceviche and chupe de pescado. Light, flavorful and brimming with spicy ají peppers, these dishes are popular in the capital, Lima, where they can be found in any Peruvian restaurant.


The high Andes Mountains cuisine incorporates starchy potatoes and corn into most of its dishes. Pachamanca is a dish of roasted meats such as pork or beef flavored with herbs and accompanied by sweet potatoes and beans. The Peruvian flavors of the Amazon basin region rely on freshly caught river fish and staple starches such as yucca root. Fruits such as guava, pineapple and mango also feature largely on menus. Any fine Peruvian restaurant will seek to pay tribute to regional favorites that set Peruvian food apart from other South American cuisines.

La Costanera Restaurant reflects the innovative spirit, long history and delicious flavors of Peruvian food with a mix of traditional dishes and creative new courses that remain true to Peruvian flavors. Visit La Costanera Restaurant to enjoy a diverse and imaginative menu that will spark both your taste buds and your sense of adventure.

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