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To Savor Authentic Peruvian Cuisine in Montara Beach, Visit La Costanera

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When it comes to preparing authentic Peruvian food, no one can be trusted more than Chef Carlos Altamirano. Raised in southern Peru and trained in the kitchens of Lima, Altamirano has achieved major success in bringing the taste of his homeland to the California Bay Area.

Peruvian cuisine is uniquely diverse. Dishes often combine regional crops with recipes inspired by indigenous, European, Asian, and African culinary traditions. This fusion of diverse cuisines can be seen in the menu presented by Altamirano at La Costanera, one of the chef’s seven popular dining establishments. Tequeños, for instance, combine Asian-style wontons with Latin American ingredients like avocado, Oaxaca cheese, and panela sauce. Other dishes, like Pescado Costanera, combine traditional Peruvian ingredients like potatoes, wild fish, and raw botija olives with European-style vegetables and African cau cau sauce. La Costanera’s menu reveals the diverse cultural influences behind what we now regard as Peruvian flavors.

Traditional ingredients aren’t neglected by this Peruvian restaurant, either. Cebiche, the spicy, citrusy raw fish dish that defines Peruvian coastal cuisine, is prepared with fresh seafood catches and locally-grown rocoto peppers from Altamirano’s own farm. To get a taste of Peru’s street food culture, order a plate of marinated anticucho skewers, fried chicharrones, or savory empanadas. Potatoes, quinoa, yucca, and pisco all play important roles in Altamirano’s culinary creations, too.

Michelin-ranked and praised by its loyal customers, La Costanera is widely known for its dedication to creating authentic, unique Peruvian fare. Celebrate happy hour with a classic pisco sour and chorizo-stuffed yucca balls or stick around until sunset, enjoying a vanilla bean panna cotta while soaking up the ocean views. For an unbeatable evening filled with unforgettable cuisine, visit La Costanera Restaurant.

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