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Savory Summer Appetizers with Spanish Roots

Summer Appetizers with Spanish Roots

Let your summer sizzle with Spanish-inspired appetizers. While Spanish culture has offered many things to the world, its impact on the culinary scene is particularly salient. Known as tapas in most Spanish-speaking cultures, these appetizers have unique flavors that are perfect for your summer dining selection. To get started, consider the following prime choices for your Spanish-style appetizers.

1. Skewers. Skewers are not unique to Spanish cultures, but they are certainly important in Spain and other Spanish-speaking locales. For example, you could try pork skewers doused in mojo picon sauce. This unique sauce comes from the Canary Islands and is popular throughout the Spanish world. Other distinctive options on a stick are anticuchos, which come from Peru. These Peruvian flavors may vary somewhat but traditionally include beef hearts marinated in garlic sauce.

2. Potatoes. Potatoes are incredibly important in Spanish cuisine around the world. Tortilla Española is a quintessential appetizer in Spain, and this skillet dish uses a hearty helping of potatoes alongside eggs. Another potato appetizer is causa, which most Americans think looks like a potato salad. However, while causa does indeed use layers of potatoes and other tubers, it also mixes in meats, eggs and other vegetables for a chilled dish with a light taste.

3. Marinated meats. Spanish-style meats come with some unique marination methods. Just consider buñuelos de bacalao, which are salt cod fritters. What makes these so special is the traditional method of preserving the cod in salt. The effect intensifies the flavor of the cod, making buñuelos de bacalao a savory summer treat. An even more unusual marination method comes from South America. Ceviche is the national dish in Peru. The marination process for ceviche involves an ample supply of citrus juices. Unlike other marination methods, the juices actually cook the meat for an unparalleled flavor that is ideal for the hot months.

4. Stuffed vegetables. Most vegetables taste even better stuffed, and Spanish appetizers do not disappoint. Olives are a common choice, especially for those interested in cuisine direct from Spain. The most popular option for stuffed olives includes pimiento, which is a type of red pepper. While stuffed olives can be found in salads and alcoholic beverages, they are also commonly served as a summer appetizer. A more unusual choice for a stuffed appetizer is rocoto relleno. This dish uses a hot red pepper, and it is stuffed with ground beef and egg.

For the best Spanish-style appetizers, be sure to visit La Costanera Restaurant. This Peruvian restaurant has some of the best Spanish-style meals in all of California. The selection of Peruvian cuisine incorporates classic Peruvian flavors with innovative variations. Therefore, for good Peruvian food, make your reservation today.

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