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A Taste of Lima – South America’s Culinary Capital

Peruvian Cuisine

According to The World’s 50 Best, a ranking project that seeks to list the most exquisite culinary experiences in the world, the capital city of Peru is home to some of the most delightful restaurants in the world. There was a time when Buenos Aires competed against Rio de Janeiro for the honor of being known as the gastronomy capital of South America; however, the rediscovery of Peruvian food and the rich abundance of Peruvian flavors have made Lima a world-class culinary capital.

Since 2013, restaurants in Lima have been selected as the best in Latin American and the Caribbean by The World’s 50 Best. The new list is expected to be released in October, and a few Lima eateries and bistro are already vying to take top honors.

Located in the coastal center of Peru, Lima is a delightful city that begs to be discovered by gourmet tourists. Lima is a city of chefs and cooks; anyone is welcome to open a Peruvian restaurant in this metropolis, but the odds of success will be determined by the vibrant competition. What sets the Lima dining scene apart is that Peruvian restaurants routinely triumph over their international counterparts. For example, culinary tourists in Manhattan often flock to Italian, French and Chinese restaurants; such is not the case in Lima, a city where Peruvian restaurants rule supreme.

The reason for local preference in Lima is that Peruvian cuisine has always favored fusion preparation; for example, the traditional “tallarines verdes” dish is variation on the al pesto style of Italian pasta that adds a spicy and creamy base made with spinach, basil and locally sourced peppers. In essence, Peruvian dishes have always featured international flavor, and they just keep getting better.

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