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Typical Peruvian Dish: Tiraditos

Typical Peruvian Dish: Tiraditos

A popular Peruvian food are tiraditos. Tiraditos, basically are raw fish, which some compare to other types of similar foods like sashimi, Italian raw dishes called crudo or the raw pork Italian version called carpaccio, and ceviches. However, tiradito has some unique distinctions all its own.

Tiradito has gained in popularity in recent years, in part because it is healthy. Many of restaurant customers on low-carb or paleo diets find tiraditos to be a viable option in dining. Tiradito is a satisfying meal and also contains an immense amount of protein.

Japanese Influence : Peruvian Food

The origins of tiradito in Peru are Japanese, which is why some compare it to sashimi. It was brought to Peru by Japanese immigrants and, like so many other foods brought from other lands, took on its own identity when immigrants began using local products and cooking methods. Tiradito is typically made of the fresh catch of the day, sliced ultra-thin and perhaps flattened, similar to sashimi or carpaccio rather than the cubed ceviche. Fish used includes both white fish and shellfish. It can also include scallops and even octopus.

Peruvian Cuisine : Differences

Tiradito differences from Italian raw foods and ceviche lies within its seasonings and ingredients. Its flavor is lighter and gentler than ceviche as the fish has a lime juice marinade. Seasonings used are more Asian than tiradito’s Italian counterpart using ginger and aji peppers. However, it does incorporate the Italian element of olive oil. One difference in tiradito and ceviche is tiradito is sauced just before service. Ceviche is marinated longer times.

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