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Typical Peruvian Food

“Ají Amarillo” Chili Pepper

Peruvian food is quite diverse. Each part of the country has special recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Much of the food’s influences come from the numerous immigrants who settled in the various regions.

Common Peruvian Ingredients

The food of Peru provides an explosion of flavors. All types of peppers are used to bring some spice to mealtime. Potatoes and corn are often included in entrees or served as side dishes. Potatoes originated in the area and are prepared in hundreds of delicious ways. For instance, “Papa a la Huancaina” is a dish containing sliced boiled potatoes covered in a spicy cheese sauce.
Peruvian corn, or choclo, is larger and more dense than American corn. It adds texture to main dishes, or it is served right from the ear. Choclo con queso is a common street food that resembles corn on the cob with cheese.


Peruvian Choclo

Seafood plays an important role in Peruvian cuisine. Thanks to the multiple points of water access across the land, fish is a diet staple. One of the most popular fish dishes is parihuela. It is a seafood soup filled with spicy Peruvian flavors. Cod or bass is the main ingredient, and the broth includes aji peppers.

Reasons Peru’s Food is the Ultimate Fusion Cuisine

Peruvian dishes have a rich history. To understand their eclectic flavors, it is necessary to look back in time. When international immigrants settled in Peru, they brought foods from their homelands. For instance, the Spanish introduced sweet tastes, and the Africans brought ethnic ingredients. Japanese groups taught advanced seafood recipes, and Chinese people introduced unique stir-fry cooking methods. Lomo saltdo is one dish that exemplifies this type of preparation technique. The recipe blends beef, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, and soy sauce. Most times, it is served on top of white rice. Chinese groups also used ginger in many dishes.

When it is impossible to visit one of Peru’s cities, a person can enjoy a meal at a Peruvian Restaurant within the United States. La Costanera Restaurant is near San Francisco and offers an extensive menu filled with authentic recipes. Thanks to the fresh ingredients and flavors, guests are treated to typical food found in Peruvian regions.

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