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Peruvian food is among the world’s most beloved cuisines. In recent years, the Peruvian embassy has even estimated that 40% of travelers visit the nation primarily to sample its distinctive dishes! Due to its popularity, interest in Peruvian eateries has skyrocketed.

Californians looking for an authentic Peruvian restaurant need look no further than the Bay Area. Located along scenic Montara Beach, La Costanera Restaurant entices diners with unparalleled flavors and an unrivaled ambiance.

Authentic Peruvian flavors and fresh, traditional ingredients are the building blocks of La Costanera’s diverse menu. Seafood dishes featuring ingredients ranging from ahi tuna to octopus evoke the flavors of coastal Lima. The restaurant’s assortment of cebiches feature fresh fish marinated in leche de tigre, a refreshing citrus marinade made from lime juice and fiery red aji peppers. A number of other dishes are flavored with aji amarillo, a spicy and fruity yellow pepper that is popular throughout Peru.

Peru’s abundance of tubers are also reflected by the menu, which features ingredients like mashed purple potatoes, sweet potato fries, and mouth-watering battered yucca balls. The restaurant’s savory, marinated anticucho skewers and fried chicharrones draw their inspiration from Peruvian street food. For dessert, diners can enjoy indulgent treats ranging from quinoa flan to Suspiro a la Limena, a memorable Peruvian sweet featuring tres leches. A myriad of other spices and ingredients are added to La Costanera’s many entrees, creating the kinds of flavor combinations that make Peruvian food truly memorable.

Those who can’t make it to Peru can enjoy the nation’s multifaceted cuisine at La Costanera Restaurant. Visit soon to discover the wonders of authentic Peruvian food and flavors.

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