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Classic Peruvian Dishes You Can Make at Home


Peruvian food is so delectable, but the South American country is so far away. For those who crave exotic cuisine, there are some Peruvian recipes you can make at home.

Many Peruvian recipes require things not readily available, specifically aji peppers in all types of sweet, smokey, and hot varieties. The best way to obtain these ingredients is to visit a specialty supermarket that caters to South Americans. They are usually found in larger cities.

However, there are some dishes you can make with standard ingredients that give you the Peruvian flavors you crave. One of those dishes is pollo salvaje, which features chicken, yucca fries and a salsa.

There are several Peruvian recipes for chicken, but the one to use as the basis of pollo salvaje is El Pollo Rico, or commonly known as Super Chicken. This is a rotisserie chicken with spices of garlic powder, paprika, cumin, black pepper and salt. It also includes lemon juice, white vinegar, white wine, canola oil and cold water.

To make yucca fries, you slice the yucca length-wise and fry them in canola oil and add seasoned salt.

Peru has a number of salsas with the most popular being salsa criolla. This is a mix of aji amarillo, red onions, limes, and parsley.

Beef lovers can try making Lomo Saltado at home. This is a stir fried tenderloin mixed with onions, tomatoes, chili peppers, white vinegar, parsley and soy sauce. It is paired with French fries, making it popular with both children and adults. The best part about this recipe is it is one of the easiest dishes to make.

If your salivating, but don’t relish the idea of spending time in the kitchen, there is a Peruvian restaurant that boasts all these dishes. La Costanera Restaurant on Montara Beach has authentic Peruvian food for you to enjoy! Chef Carlos Altamirano buys ingredients from his home country and prepares food using both techniques he grew up with and new methods, creating fusion Peruvian cuisine loved by all who visit!

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