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Born high in Peru’s Andes Mountains, Chef Carlos Altamirano grew up surrounded by Peruvian food and culture. Throughout his youth, Altamirano was exposed to the fresh, regional ingredients that define authentic Peruvian cuisine. As he entered his teenage years, the future chef began pursuing cooking for himself, assisting his mother in their kitchen in Lima. Altamirano’s true dream of sharing a taste of Peru with the world was finally realized upon his move to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994. After training under some of California’s best-known chefs, Altamirano set out to found a number of restaurants of his own. Today, he is the proud owner of seven fine eateries, including Barranco, Mochica, Parada, Paradita, Piqueos, Sanguchon, and La Costanera Restaurant.

Visiting La Costanera is the nearest thing to visiting a Peruvian restaurant in coastal Lima. With beautiful views of the Pacific and mouth-watering dishes filled with authentic Peruvian flavors, La Costanera is arguably California’s best Peruvian dining establishment. Curious diners can sample cebiche, a dish composed of fresh-caught fish, lime juice, spicy red pepper, and other flavorful regional ingredients. Chef Altamirano has also developed a number of Peruvian dishes with creative contemporary twists, including a pulled pork adobo sandwich, Oaxaca cheese wontons, Peruvian seafood paella, and lamb shank braised in Cusqueña beer. By adding a special twist to beloved regional dishes, Chef Altamirano has created his own unique new type of coastal Peruvian cuisine.


La Costanera Peruvian Restaurant

Adventurous restaurant patrons looking to experience new flavors can get a taste of modern Peru at La Costanera. Begin your meal with a refreshing pisco cocktail. Close out the evening with an indulgent lava cake or a platter of sweet churros. As you gaze out over the sunset, you’ll feel as though you’re in the heart of Lima itself. For the very best in contemporary Peruvian dining, no restaurant can top La Costanera.

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