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The History of Ceviche and Peru’s Cultural Heritage

Peru Ceviche

When you enter a Peruvian restaurant anywhere in the world, one of the dishes you are more likely to find on the menu is ceviche, which is sometimes referred to as seviche or cebiche. In essence, this is a seafood cocktail that can be found across the Americas, and it involves marinating and curating with citrus juices and select spices.

There are numerous variations of seviche in Mexico and Central America. In Costa Rica, for example, cebiche mostly consists of fish filet chunks curated in lemon juice and hot peppers topped with fresh cut cilantro and hints of parsley. This method of preparation is similar in Mexico, but shellfish is often added.

Since Peruvian cuisine has seen its international profile elevated in recent years, the most famous cebiche comes from Peru. The dish originates in the coastal regions of the Inca Empire, where seafood cooks would curate seafood in chicha, a liquor made of yellow corn. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived, the most wonderful fusion of Old World and New World cuisines took place as the Incas were introduced to Mediterranean ingredients such as cilantro and various citrous fruits.


Over the centuries, many cebiche recipes emerged from the Peruvian coast, thereby becoming a staple of any self-respecting Peruvian restaurant. Without a doubt, the best beverage pairing for cebiche is Peruvian beer. This seafood cocktail can be enjoyed as an appetizer or as part of an elaborate entree.

Now that you know more about the interesting roots and evolution of ceviche, it is time for you to taste this Peruvian seafood delicacy at La Costanera Restaurant in Montara Beach, where the catch is always fresh and the Cuzqueña beer is always served ice-cold.

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