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Do You Like Seafood? Enjoy Cebiches at La Costanera

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Cebiche is one of those dishes that is as different as each individual who makes it. Make of raw fish, and typically called ceviche, this is one dish that works well as an appetizer for a dinner or party.

However, the type of fish, seasonings and other ingredients is what gives cebiche its local flair.
Cebiche is known as a national Peruvian food, although it didn’t originate there. Cebiche’s roots lie in Japan and was brought to South America when there was mass Asian immigration with people looking for work in the prosperous country. Now, it is known as a staple of Peruvian cuisine.

Cebiche is suited for Peru. The bordering Pacific Ocean is a great resource for fresh fish. There are fresh local ingredients and interesting spices to create perfect Peruvian flavors.

There are many types of Peruvian cebiches, but foodies should focus on three. Cebiche Chino – Peruano, Cebiche Pescado and Cebiche Mixto are all authentic Peruvian concoctions that will delight you.

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Cebiche Chino-Peruano is much like its name. It mixes the techniques of Chinese cooking with those of ancient Peruvians. This consists of ahi tuna, with a rocoto-sweet chili leche de tigre on a wonton.

Cebiche Pescado includes a fresh fish of the day with an aji rocoto leche de tigre, providing it with an aji flavor you typically don’t find outside of Peru.

Cebiche Mixto is for adventuresome types. It features the best of seafood, including fresh fish, calamari, mussels, camerone and aji rocoto leche de tigre.

Those wanting authentic Peruvian cebiche, but who don’t have opportunity to jet to South America can taste all three of these dishes at La Costanera Restaurant, located just outside San Francisco. This Peruvian restaurant overlooks the Pacific Ocean, giving it both the atmosphere and the food of the cultural South American country. Come taste the cebiche!

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