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Lomo Saltado: Traditional Peruvian Dish

Lomo Saltado

Peruvian food is known around the world for its creative blending of regional ingredients and international flavors. Lomo saltado, a beloved staple of Peruvian cuisine, is one such entrée.

Lomo saltado is a part of the Chifa culinary tradition, a fusion cuisine that melds Peruvian flavors with Chinese ingredients and cooking styles. The stir fry dish, which is traditionally made from beef, tomatoes, onions, french fries, and rice, combines Chinese ingredients, like soy sauce and rice, with native South American crops, such as potatoes as tomatoes. As Chinese immigrants arrived in Peru during the second half of the 19th century, a change in locally-available ingredients gradually led to the development of modern fusion cuisine. Today, lomo saltado is widely accepted as a chifa Peruvian dish and is considered a part of the traditional Peruvian diet. Variations on the dish include pollo saltado, a chicken stir fry, and tallarin saltado, which substitutes noodles for french fries.

Fine eateries like La Costanera Restaurant provide American diners with the opportunity to sample both traditional and modern Peruvian dishes. With spectacular views of the Pacific, this Peruvian restaurant offers one of the most scenic dining experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Start your meal off with a refreshing pisco sour cocktail, Peruvian beer, or a can of Inca Kola, Peru’s most popular soda. Enjoy lomo saltado for dinner or choose from a wide variety of other options, such as cebiches with fresh fish, fried chicharrones, or seafood paella. Finish off your meal with churros, Peruvian shortbread alfajores, or chocolate lava cake. The flavors of Peru await you at La Costanera Restaurant!

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