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Nikkei cuisine : Culinary Sensation


One of the most fascinating parts of Peru and its culture is the influence of Japanese immigrants who came across the Pacific to settle there. That influence has found its way into many modern Peruvian flavors. The history of Nikkei cuisine goes back over a hundred years, and it is gaining popularity as a style of food all over the world.

Traditional Peruvian food has many influences, Inca and other native, Spanish settlers, and eventually immigrants from east Asia. Their influence is seen in many of the choices of Pacific seafood ingredients and in the style of preparation for many dishes. Asian culinary traditions are always very influential in immigrant communities.

There is a place in southern California, right off of Highway 1 and near the Montara State Beach. It is a truly Peruvian Restaurant with roots in all the traditions of Peruvian cuisine, including Nikkei. It is called La Costanera restaurant, and it is really a fantastic place to experience the fusion that is Nikkei.

Take a look at their menu, with items like their Tequeños, crispy wontons filled with Oaxaca cheese and served with a delicious avocado puree. There is also their Braised Mussels with a coconut curry base, chorizo, Thai basil, and coconut rice. The blend of flavors is amazing, and a true mix of authentic Asian and Peruvian technique and ingredients. There is also their Chinese Five-Spice rubbed tuna, using some of the freshest tuna on either side of the Pacific.

So if you are into fusion, and really want to see one that was natural in its evolution, try the awesome Nikkei food at La Costanera.

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