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Peruvian Food: 3 Dishes You’ll Want to Try

Pulpo a la parrilla

Peruvian food is one of the most interesting genres of cuisine. One of the reasons for the fascination is the mix of ethnic styles, ingredients and spices that truly make it like no other.
There are three dishes you must try in order to truly get a sense of Peruvian cuisine. These three dishes explore the most unique of Peruvian culture.

Atun Criollo starts with wild caught Ahi tuna. The fish is pan seared in five spices and combined with tacu tacu al jugo. The side dish is a rice dish that uses meat broth to flavor. In some recipes, it is paired with items like beans, onion, and garlic. Atun Criollo can also be paired with platano fritters and a passion fruit reduction.

Pulpo a la Parilla is one of the most traditional dishes in Peru. It is grilled octopus seasoned with paprika, olive oil, olives, olive brine and topped with piquillo pepper and grapes with red potatoes on the side. The combination of spices, garnishes and potatoes make for the best of Peruvian flavors.



Pescado a lo macho



Pescado a lo Macho is a dish consisting of fish, sauce and rice. The sauce is spicy in some American versions of the recipes, but authentic Peruvian recipes call for a milder sauce. The fish, stew, and sauce is served over rice in all variations. Coconut is typically used in the rice to add another dimension of flavor.

Those who can’t travel for such delicacies can visit La Costanera Restaurant just outside San Francisco. This authentic Peruvian restaurant sits on Montara Beach with an excellent view of the Pacific Ocean, just as you would get in the coastal areas of South America. Chef Carlos Altamirano, originally from the coast of southern Peru, creates food with both authenticity and a fusion twist of modern ingredients giving customers the best of Peruvian flavors. Give your taste buds a treat to South American cuisine with a night out at La Costanera Restaurant.

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